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Hydronic Heating Specialist

My Commitment

As a Hydronic Heating Specialist, I have traveled the United States helping OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Service Centers and RV Owners with their Hydronic Heating Systems. During my years, I have met many amazing and unique individuals throughout my work adventures. It is my absolute pleasure to provide quality service to get any Hydronic Heating System running smoothly again.

Ultimately my goal is to create and build relationships with my customers, to gain their trust and to create a good experience. I am committed to providing the best service to you, whether it is the first or tenth time.

I hope to help all my customers on their Hydronic Heating System needs!

John Carrillo

Hydronic Heating System Specialist

John Carrillo’s Employment at Aqua-Hot

John Carrillo was a former employee of 9 years with Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, formally known as Vehicle Systems. He has continued to service the finest RV Hydronic Heating Systems on the market with over 23 years of experience. John first started in production, building and working on various models of Aqua-Hot water heater systems. He then transferred to the service department where he learned how to install, service and repair the Aqua-Hot, Hydro-Hot and Webasto Heating Systems. John then moved on to become a Technical Advisor in the Technical Support department where he learned to troubleshoot OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Service Centers and RV Owners across the nation.

How John Carrillo Hydronic Heating came to be

John Carrillo was laid off in 2008 but Aqua-Hot allowed him to continue his journey to travel to shows and rallies. John made his way to become a RV Mobile Authorized Service Center/Dealer for Aqua-Hot Systems. He still wanted more knowledge and wasn’t satisfied, he now understood how all Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating Systems and DBW 2010/2020 Webasto Thermo-Systems worked so he decided to dive into something a little different. He looked into Oasis and Hurricane products and loved the idea of how different they were. Eventually he became an Authorized Service Center/Dealer for ITR (International Thermal Research). John saw how different their hydronic heating system worked and how it made people consider different options for their RV. He then realized how he could help others that wanted to keep an OEM system instead of buying a new one. John came up with an idea of doing what Aqua-Hot did and rebuild units at a lower cost! John now is the ONLY Authorized Remanufactured Center/Dealer for Aqua-Hot Heating Systems. He has installed and replaced Hydronic Heating Systems with new or rebuilt/remanufactured systems for over 10 years.

Aqua-Hot 250P: RV Heating and Hot Water

Hydronic Heating System Specialist


John Carrillo Hydronic Heating Specialist provides service and repair on Aqua Hot, Hydro Hot, Webasto, Oasis and Hurricane heating systems at RV Rallys, RV shows and On-site location. These services are also provided at FMCA National, FMCA Area Rally’s, and Good Sam rally’s.


Visit our online store for your Aqua Hot, Hydro Hot, Webasto, Oasis and Hurricane parts and supplies. If you need help locating a product, use the navigation menu to select the proper category. If you still can’t find what you need, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

Technical Support

John Carrillo Hydronic Heating Specialist provides same day technical support on all Aqua Hot, Hydro Hot, Webasto, Oasis and Hurricane systems. We are here to help guide you and answer any questions you may have regarding parts and service.