Aqua-Hot Reporter Controller 2.0 – ELE-PCB-501


The Aqua-Hot Reporter is a new generation of command and control module which manages all functions of the Aqua-Hot from start-up to shutdown.


Want to Convert from the Electronic Controller PC Board, 12 VDC (ELE-PC4-010-AA) to New Aqua-Hot Reporter?  We made a kit for that!

Check out our Aqua-Hot Reporter Controller 2.0, Retrofit Kit – JCH-PCB-501



Aqua-Hot Reporter Controller 2.0 – Aqua Hot RV Hydronic Heating – ELE-PCB-501

Item# ELE-PCB-501

Your Hydronic Heating System, whether it is an Aqua Hot, Hydro Hot or Webasto DBW 2010 has a white label with a model number on the heater. This label can be found on the top or on the side of your Aqua Hot, Hydro Hot or Webasto Heating System.

(Help Me Find the Model Number)

Compatible With:

Aqua Hot


Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in